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Ms. Bell
0.2% Gold Chloride for 1 min removes the silver staining from the tissue.  If you decrease your time to 30 seconds  you'd get a crisp clean stain.  0.1% Gold Chloride for 1 min tones the sliver but you'll have back ground staining.
Betreff: [Histonet] jones basement membrane stain Hello.I'm looking for any help on the Jones stain for basement membranes. We'rehaving trouble getting the basement membranes to stain dark enough, if atall. Here is our protocol (we are using a kit from American MasterTech): 0.5% Periodic Acid 11minrinse 2 changes distilled watermethenamine silver (in a waterbath @ 65-70 degrees)****we have tried varying the time by 15 minute increments ranging from 1hour to 2 hours, 15min(we're checking the slides microscopically every ten minutes once thesection is brown)rinse in distilled water0.2% gold chloride 1 minrinse in distilled water3% sodium thiosulfate 2 minrinse in distilled waternuclear fast red 4 minrinsedehydrate and clear Any help/ insight would be much appreciated! Thanks !  Mandy M Bell Histology Department Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula 831.625.4791 
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