[Histonet] Sliding Microtome Taking Random Thicker Sections

From:"Dan Zadory"

We have recently purchased an HM430 MICROM Sliding Microtome along with
the KS 34 Fast Freezing Unit. Recently, I have tried sectioning frozen
mouse brains at 40 microns and noticed after several cuts the Microtome
will take a random thicker section (I would have to say approximately
150-200 microns thick). I am unsure as to why it keeps doing this. The
knife is in the right position and all parts have been tightened. In
addition, I have the Fast Freezing Unit set to keep the stage at a
constant -22C. We placed a dehumidifier in the room since we thought the
humidity may play a role...but so far no luck. Any suggestions?
Daniel Zadory

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