[Histonet] MacNeal's tetrachrome

From:"Orla Gallagher"

Dear Histonetters,

Our lab would like to try staining some undecalcified LR White-
embedded bone sections with MacNeal's tetrachrome stain. I've 
found a recipe on the Histonet archive which mentions making up 
the stain from scratch but doesn't say how long to stain for or how 
to treat the sections after staining. The recipe also mentions  
etching in formic acid before staining. Has anyone got some advice 
as I haven't tried any etching techniques before?

Many thanks,

Ms. Orla Gallagher
Academic Unit of Bone Biology
D Floor (DU20) Medical School
Henry Wellcome Laboratories for Medical Research
University of Sheffield
Beech Hill Road
Sheffield S10 2RX

Tel:   0114 271 3783(lab)
       0114 271 3337(office)
Fax:   0114 271 1711 

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