[Histonet] Hospital Pathology - Picking up Specimens

From:"Stephen Peters M.D."

We used to have the various departments ( OR, endoscopy, L & D, outpatient ORs)
 drop off specimens in our lab. Not infrequently specimens would get lost on their 
travels. After a lot of  campaigning I convinced our administration to give me the staff to create our own currier service. After assessing the various sites for best times to pick up at each location to maximize our return, we set up a schedual of pick ups which would
 best keep our PAs busy with a constant flow of work. We make sure our curriers scrutinize the requisitions and only take those that are complete. Those that need 
clinical info or other things are left at the site with instructions on what is incomplete. 
This system is a vast improvement over waiting for drop offs. The PAs are always busy 
and we rarely have anything lost or missing. For staffing, our curriers double
 as accessioning clerks making them knowlegable about all aspects of the process. If 
you can pull this off I recommend it.

Stephen Peters M.D. 

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