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Even if the online schools teach the theory of Histology, they expect the supervisor/techs to teach the potential HT's how to perform Histology.  Even though there is no practical anymore, potential HT's have to be taught the hands on part of the job with OJT.  Even though I've heard many people say that there is no more OJT, really there is b/c if these future HT's don't attend an actual HT school where there are classrooms/practice labs full of teachers, then we as working HT's have to teach our future co-workers how to do our job so that we'll have more people to pick from to hire.  Does any other profession handle their future employee's like this or is Histology in a category of its own?  


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Remember that now there is no practical portion of the HT exam, so they are

not being tested on hands on experiences anyway.  The most difficult problem

I have with training people on the job (and I have trained many) is that now

they are not prepared to take the exam because they are examined all on

theory.  I have some really well trained people who can do the work really

well, but they have a hard time taking the computer test which they pretty

much have to memorize out of books.



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Someone has to teach them the "hands on" part of histology. I do not leave

this to my staff. I teach / give them the skills they need to perform the

practical part of their profession. As their supervisor I am very much

involved in their training. I am sure I am not the only one.??


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Wrong! The advantage of the "on line" or "distance learning" courses is that

they provide the theory on line while you are working at a given laboratory

doing your training (or even as part of your daily work) so there is no

"actual training" to be done by the supervisor.

At this moment NAACLS has 30 HT and 3 HTL accredited programs only, with an

overall capacity of about 300-325 students, and this will not be enough to

take care of  all the retiring histotechs.

Costs is one of the reasons why the number of HTs schools is dwindling.

René J.



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Where are all the HT accredited schools and why aren't there more out

there?  I've seen the online classes' people can take, but that


them to be trained in a lab, as well, for the "hands on" part.  So,

actually the supervisor still has to train potential HT's "on the


before they can sit for the board exam.  Right? 






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