[Histonet] staining mast cells and eosinophils

From:"Moran Elishmereni"


I am very new at histology and immunohistochemistry, so please excuse the
simplicity of my questions. I wish to stain parrafin-embedded slides
(murine/human skin and lung) for mast cells and eosinophils. That is- I want
to be able to detect both cells on one slide. Is there anyway to stain with
toluidine blue and also counterstain with another dye for eosinophils?
Alternatively- can i stain for toluidine blue to get mast cells, and then do
(on the same slide) immunohistochemistry using an anti-MBP antibody to
detect eosinophils? I guess its more of a general question- can one use a
simple dye AND immunohistochemistry (with antibodies) on the same slide, or
is there interference? I would be very glad to receive advice and protocols.

Many thanks,
Moran Elishmereni

Department of Pharmacology
School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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