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Dear Dawn (and other Histonetters):
I will change your address on the Histonet email address list as you requested but I wanted to point out to you and all the other Histonet members that you can change your own address or change other features of your subscription by going to the website  and using the instructions at the bottom of the page.  People can switch to digest mode, temporarily stop messages while they go on vacation etc. If you cannot remember your password you can request it there too. For anyone having trouble posting messages because the server says you are not a member, this likely means your address has changed somewhat from when you subscribed (a common occurrence in institutional email systems) and you need to update your address which you can do there. 
By the way Histonet is up tp >2600 members now!
Linda M
Histonet administrator

>>> Dawn Cowie  08/09/07 7:35 AM >>>
Dear Histonet,
  please change my email address for receiving messages to 
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