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That's how we do it here at Akron Children's as well.
We have a Frozen Section worksheet right next to the microscope that 
they use for frozen's... the pathologist also puts down who they spoke 
with in the OR, to convey the results. 
Our FS volume isn't that huge-- therefore- easy to implement. 

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Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 3:34 pm
Subject: [Histonet] Re: Frozen section turnaround time

> Allison Scott (where's LBJ Hospital - is that the LBJ I think it 
> is?) asks 
> about turnaround time for frozen sections. That's the time from 
> when you receive 
> the specimen in the laboratory until the time when the pathologist 
> phones the 
> report to the surgeons.
> If I understand it aright, CAP's requirement is 20 minutes for a 
> single 
> frozen section, but there are no CAP guidelines for multiple 
> frozen sections. The 
> problem is getting the pathologist to record the time on the 
> frozen section 
> work sheet - it's a real nuisance, and a lot of fudging of records 
> can be 
> expected, but the Herrn Inschpektors have no way of knowing that.
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