Re: [Histonet] Pathos (microwave processing) advantages

From:Rene J Buesa

  The fundamental advantage is that it is a "walk away" (automatic) tissue processor and that it can process up to 210 small biopsies in 1 hour, or in 4 hours if they are slices up to 5 mm thick. Low reagents consumption and the ability of using non proprietary solutions are also advantages. It costs around $ 119,000 (for sure "negotiable").
  But the advantages stop there, because to have the 210 slides ready from a full load, you will still have to work an approximate total of 34.5 hours  to complete your TAT with that number of samples processed.
  René J. 

"Foshey, Annette"  wrote:
  I am interested in all the advantages the Pathos microwave processing
has over conventional processing. If anyone is experienced with this
please comment. Thank you.

Annette Foshey, HT (ASCP)
Team Leader in Histology
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
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