Re: [Histonet] Azure B in giemsa

From:Rene J Buesa

  Azure I or Giemsa stain, is a "secret" proportion of mixtures of Azure A and Azure B
  Azure II is a mixture of Azure I (Azure A + Azure B) with methylene blue.
  Short answer: yes, "Giemsa" always contains Azure B
  By the way, "azure" is a word derived from the Persian (variation of lapis lazuly) known and used by the old Egyptians.
  René J.

"Martin, Erin"  wrote:
  Hi everyone,

Could someone please tell me if azure B is a component of all giemsa stain? As far as I can tell, it is in all of them and the variations are in the other steps but I'm not sure. One of my pathologists would like to know and I want to be sure that I am giving him accurate information.

Thank you - you all are such a great help!


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