Re: [Histonet] Wearing gloves while cutting sections

        Hank solution would be HBSS  Hanks Balanced Salts solution.  It is 
used in cell culture, along with a lot of other similarly named solutions. 
 I don't imagine it would taste all that great though, probably similar to 
drinking Epsom salts diluted in water.

        As of this year in our lab we are required to wear gloves while 
cutting.  We have had a lot of changes in the area of safety here along 
with always wearing safety glasses, gloves while cutting, wearing goggles 
and impervious aprons while trimming in fixed tissue.
        All three were not required before the beginning of this year. Our 
company is trying to make sure that our labs all go above and beyond in 
the safety dept. 
        Once I got used to the changes none of them were difficult to deal 
with.  Cutting with gloves only took me a week or two to adjust to. Mainly 
because we use nitrile gloves.  I am mildly allergic to latex so I avoid 
latex gloves like the plague, so that along with other reasons we use 
nitrile gloves in this lab for all procedures from cutting to special 
stains and trimming in of tissue.  Nitrile gloves fit snugly so there is 
nothing loose to get in the way of the blade if you are picking up a 
ribbon with your fingers.  Also someone mentioned forceps earlier,  I use 
forceps and fingers to move a ribbon from the microtome to the water bath, 
mainly because it can be a tad windy in here and moving ribbons with two 
hands keeps things from flapping in the breeze so to speak.

Tracy E. Bergeron, BS, HT, HTL (ASCP)
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, MA
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"Janice Mahoney"  
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08/25/2006 07:56 AM


Re: [Histonet] Wearing gloves while cutting sections

I've been in this field for over 30 years and have never heard of Hank 
solution.  Do I want to drink it?
And Joe, if anyone out there in Histoland ever questioned whether or not 
you are a nut, they now know.

>>> "Rebecca Barnhart"  08/25/2006 6:45 AM >>>
Wow!  I thought it was weird when I once witnessed a pathologist drink
Hank solution to determine if it was similar to a drink.  Of course the
Hank was fresh.  That experience explained a lot about that pathologist.

>>> "Joe Nocito"  8/24/2006 7:42:04 PM >>>
Lick the block!? Damn, I thought I was the only one doing that. I used
to do 
that with Pap smears.
"This one is negative, negative, negative, positive, negative, oooh,
has HPV".

Y'all didn't think I'd let this go by without a comment, did you?

I love Fridays!!! Ooops, it's only Thursday.

Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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> Rebecca:
>  I think that you should expalin your thoughtful and illustrious
> that once the tissue is fixed and processed (unless it is KJ disease
> you can lick the block.
>  By the way, I once did just that in front of the safety officer of
> lab (she left me alone for ever. I still don't know if she left me
> because she was convinced or because she thought that I was
completely out 
> of my mind; it worked!).
>  René J.
> "LeVier, Rebecca J"  wrote:
>  I am not sure that the committee fully understood what the process
> Could they have been looking at the wrong thing. Did they really mean
> site for this or were they just having a misunderstanding? If it
> me, I would try to get together with them to talk. For me, it is
> impossible for me to grab a ribbon with gloves on.
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> While I was on vaction, the safety committee came around and did
> in the lab. They sited us for not wearing gloves while cutting
> sections. My techs tried to explain to them that we did not have to
> wear gloves, only when cutting frozen sections or while handling
> tissue. I have never worn gloves while cutting paraffin sections.
> my manager wants me to write a policy in regards to not wearing
> Does anyone have anything like this in place that they would be
> to share with me. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
> Allison Scott HT(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
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