Re: [Histonet] Amount of time to cut slides

From:Rene J Buesa

  In 2002 CAP published, as a result of a joint work with NSH, a short note titled:How many cassettes should be processed by a histotechnologist during an eight-hour shift? Appeared in CAP Today and you can get it at
  The amount of work they recommended is unrealistically low as has been demonstrated by several works published later.
  Under separate cover I am sending a paper I published on Advance on this subject.
  Hope this will help you
  René J. wrote:
  Hello Histonetters,
I have asked questions and you have always come through for me. I have one more for you.
Is there a CAP survey or a study that is recognized by CAP that shows how much time it takes from grossing to having the slide ready for the pathologist?
I could not find any information through the CAP website so I am coming to the people who know the most about this.
Any help will be appreciated.
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