[Histonet] reply to Mouse Eyes

From:Lawrence D Lanberg/O/VCU

   Dear Ms. Prouty,

   I  do  mouse  eyes  -- ev= ery single day. When you say yours come out
   looking  like  raisins,  do  you  me= an that they shrink, shrivel and
   wrinkle????  Or  are  you  simply referring th= e black color that the
   Osmium Tetroxide imparts?

   I  am always developing our protocols, but my ultra-thin sections come
   out  =  great in the end. I'd be happy to share with you if you can be
   more specifi= c on what you need answered.

   Larry Lanberg
   PO=  Box 980614
   Sanger Hall 2-032
   Richmond, VA&n= bsp;23298

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