Re: [Histonet] A different way to cut??

From:Rene J Buesa

  After 50 years in this trade I have seen that procedure several times, but not as a routine way of doing things; just for really brittle/difficult blocks.
  Also the time in the water bath just a few seconds, just to heat the paraffin and produce a greater constriction when the ice is applied afterwards.
  René J.

Brandi Farris  wrote:

I have a new co-worker that has a different way of cutting, he professes that it is the new and improved way but we're unsure and wondering if anyone else has experience on this way. He faces into the block, places the block (not section) into a 42 degree waterbath for a few minutes, then into crushing ice for a few minutes, sprays the block with Frostbite and then obtains his section. Are we just too old school? This seems like a lot of work and hassle.

Thank you,
Brandi Farris
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