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From:"Jim Staruk"

I was also concerned about this sediment.  Using a disposable pipette, I
made a blank block just from this "crud", sectioned it and H&E stained it.
The slide was absolutely clear of any foreign bodies, amorphous material,
pathogens or anything.  I never thought of it again (although we do clean
out our paraffin baths once a month so this stuff doesn't build up).


    Jim Staruk
Mass Histology Service

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Have the same issues with paraplast that I purchase from Fisher.  It is a
settlement (stays on the bottom/floor of the units) therefore I don't have
any issues with it getting into my product.    

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In the paraffin production process, some dust and a bit o' dirt can get 
into the process - it's harmless.   I know if you call Ken Urban at 
Surgipath Industries in Richmond, Illinois - he will ease your mind.  He's 
a genius. 

Jackie O'

Kim Tournear  
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[Histonet] SurgiPath Paraffin

Hi all,
  I use the SurgiPath infiltration paraffin and the embedding paraffin in 
my lab....I've noticed a lot of "grit" in my paraffin chamber (embedding 
station) as well as the stations on the tx processor.  It's not lot# 
specific....I'm changing all paraffin stations on the processor every 
Friday as well as emptying out the embedding chamber (cleaning with xylene 
and 100% alcohol, as well as the filter) and by Monday, the grit is there 
again. Anyone out there having the same problem???Any help would be 

Kim Tournear, HT (ASCP), QIHC (ASCP)
Specialists in Dermatology
Tucson, AZ
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