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From:Shirley Powell

I got my set up from Martin Microscope in Greenville SC.  They make adapters
for most microscopes for several cameras.  My scope is an Olympus BX40 and
my camera is a Sony Cybershot 5.0.  This setup has served us well.  Bobby
Martin is a genius with digital camera/microscope setups.  They can make
pretty much whatever adapter you need.  Their web site is  Or you can call them and tell them what
you have and what you want to do with it.  I am sure Bobby would love to fly
to HI to take care of your needs.  The $500 may not take care of all 3 scope

Martin Microscope Company
207 South Pendleton Street
Easley, SC  29640     USA
Phone:  864-242-3424
FAX:    864-859-3332

Shirley Powell

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Subject: [Histonet] Digital Camera Setup for Student Microscopes

Hello- I am looking for an economical digital microscope setup for our
student compound scopes (anatomy and physiology).  In lieu of getting an
expensive microscope-only camera, I would like to pair a decent consumer
camera with a suitable microscope mount (this way students can photograph
histological sections and lab activities with the same camera).  I would
like to buy 3-4 setups, and stay under or around $500 each.  Any ideas?



Ross Langston, PhD
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