[Histonet] How to Embed in High-humidity env. (???)

From:Lawrence D Lanberg/O/VCU

Dear Histonetters,

I embed mouse eyeballs in Spurr's Formula (epoxide), after dehydrating them
in a series of increasing EtOh strengths. I section these with a glass
knife, 0.99 micron thick. I am hoping someone very familiar with Spurr's
can help.

Beginning very recently, the blocks are poorly cured in the central cavity
of the eye (outside is ok). This problem began with the onset of summer;
prolonged baking does not help. I've even tried a 'rapid cure' modification
-- more than doubling the DMAE accelerator. Our best guess is that
environmental moisture is the culprit.

I understand that epoxides do not work well in humidity. Unforutnately, I'm
in Richmond Virginia, where one can literally poach an egg by holding it up
in the air. The humidity goes right through air-conditioned walls.

Does anyone know of some modifications I can make, to where my Spurrr /
epoxide embedding will be successful in the high-humidity environment? I
would be very grateful.

Larry Lanberg

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