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I don't klnow if this would be applicable to the USA, but I disposed
of slides via a glass recycling works - however they treat the glass
for the recycling process renders any biohazard minimal if not non
existant. However, not all companies will deal with this type of glass
- check first.

On 8/2/05, Bonnie Whitaker  wrote:
> Hi All,
> Can some of you give me ideas of how you handle old slide disposal?
> Particularly those of you in smaller, private labs.  I have about 20 years
> worth of slides that I need to dispose of.  If I have to send them with my
> biohazardous waste, I can, but it seems like an unnecessary expense.
> Currently that is what the procedure says that we do, but is it really
> necessary?  Maybe someone out there would like to build a glass house : )
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