Re: [Histonet] paraffin problem

From:"Andrea T. Hooper"

Try ironing it with a uncoated brown paper bag (grocery store bags 
work great) over the affected area. Lifting and replacing every few 
seconds. The wax should melt and be absorbed into the brown paper 
bag. I do this to remove household candle wax and it works well.

>Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get paraffin off of clothes.  I
>recently bought a pair of corduroy pants and spilled paraffin down them while
>in the lab and know of no way to get the paraffin out.  Suggestions would be
>greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
>Kris Kalleberg
>Unilever R&D
>40 Merritt Blvd.
>Trumbull, CT 06611
>203 381 5765
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