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Hello Ul Soo Choi,

What you can do is, spin down your heparinized blood cells (unfixed).
What you get is a buffycoat (white cells) on top of your erythrocytes. 
Gently remove the serum and then ad gently your fixative (2% glutaraldehyde/ 
buffer) without disturbing the buffycoat layer, let it stand for at least 3 
hours on ice and then you can remove the  buffycoat with your white cells as 
a compact layer. You can cut it in pieces and proces it like you would 
normally do with tissue samples.


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Hi histonetters!

I am interested and in need of a protocol for preparing blood samples
for transmission electron microscopy. But I am short of appropriate
protocol for fixation, and processing for it.

I would like to see cat neutrophils and lymphocytes by TEM, and

Would anyone there who has experiences in blood specimen for TEM, kindly
give me some tips for preparing blood samples for EM?

Thank you for any inputs. I would appreciate.

Best regards,

Ul Soo Choi
DVM., PhD.
Dept of clinical pathology,
CVM, SNU, Seoul, Korea

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