Re: [Histonet] Re: Endogenous peroxidase

From:"John A. Kiernan"

Robert Lott has surely hit the nail right on the head!
Probably someone, somewhere, wrote Na3N (sodium nitride)
when it should have been NaN3 (sodium azide).

Taking notes and never discarding them is always 
virtuous, and virtue is often rewarding: occasionally
to one's self, but usually to others. Robert's email 
to Histonet prompted a quick retrieval of a source:

Li C-Y, Ziesmer SC, Lazcano-Villareal O (1986) Use of 
azide and hydrogen peroxide as an inhibitor for endogenous 
peroxidase in the immunoperoxidase method. 
J. Histochem. Cytochem. 35: 1457-1460. 

My notes say the solution contains 0.3% H2O2 
and 0.1% NaN3 in phosphate buffered saline, 
applied for 10 minutes. Do not use the information 
in this this email without checking the original 
paper. Back issues of the J. Histochem. Cytochem. 
are available on the Web: 

John Kiernan
London, Canada

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