Re: [Histonet] Problems with certification

From:Larry Woody

Not sure who you talked to but there are plenty of places here in the US that will hire a tech without being certified. I can't tell you how many people I've worked with that were not certified, some good some not so good but keep trying and good luck.

Meryl Roberts  wrote:Hi there,

I am a histologist in the UK with nearly 7 years experience, but I wish to 
move to the USA. However I'm having terrible problems finding work as it 
seems it's virtually impossible for me to become certified in the USA as 
none of my work experience is in an American lab- I've spoken to the ASCP 
and the NCA and they both say that I'm not elligeable to apply, and I'm 
currently waiting to hear back from the AMT (fingers crossed!) there 
any way I can become certified or should I just give up? I'm starting to get 
a bit despondant.

sincerely, Meryl Roberts.

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