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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

To be precise most 'qualified histotechnologists' have a post graduate
qualification; mostly MSc but a few PHD's. We are called Biomedical
Scientists and some Advanced Practitioners. 

My question is, are histo jobs in the USA different from those in the
UK. If they are the same then are UK BMS's overqualified for these jobs
in the UK too? If they different then how? How can 'less qualified'
Staff carry out these tasks seemingly very well in the US but it needs a
postgraduate qualification in the UK.

Clinical Scientists are another grade of degree entry Scientist who
usually enter with a science degree, get an MSc then a PHD and are
usually paid more than the BMS. In many cases they can gain entry to the
appropriate Royal College and head up a Department. The difference?

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Meryl Roberts somewhere in the U.K. asks about getting a job in the USA.
I don't think a histotechnologist from the United Kingdom would have any
trouble finding a job in the USA, but there would be other problems. Two
come to mind.
1) If you wish to emigrate to the USA from the U.K., the government here
will not want you to enter the country just because you have a job
offer. They want to be sure there are no unemployed histotechnologists
here who want the job first. An exception would be if you have a skill
no one else in the USA has.Other exceptions are if you are married to an
American, etc
2) The second problem is fully qualified histotechnologists in the U.K.
have been through a degree level program, are state registered there and
are called "Clinical Laboratory Scientists" or something similier. They
are trained in all sections of clinical laboratory medicine. They might
consider themselves over qualified (and maybe underpaid!) for many histo
jobs in the USA. (and then be unhappy!).
Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA
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