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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

Actually you are incorrect, we are called Biomedical Scientists and
there are many ways of entering the profession all concluding, I admit,
with a BSc (Hons). Clinical Scientists are different than BMS but why
alludes me!

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  Hi Everyone,
              I think the issue of allowing people with G.E.D to do
job training in Histotechnology is demeaning and really suppressing the
of Histotechnologists in the United States.  More-over I did not blame
Pathologist Assistants, Cytotechnologists and Med. Techs that feels that
they are 
more superior and more educated in comparison to the Histotechs.
   In United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand  and Nigeria, the 
trainig is the same for all the Medical Lab.Scientists/ Clinical
Lab.Scientists. The 
Histology Technologists in all those countries are college graduates( 4
to 5 
years degree program), and they are registered as Medical 
Technologists/Clinical Lab.Scientists.
    I think the issue of low pay for the Histotechs in the United
will continue for a very long time, until when the minimum entry into
profession is being raised to BS degree.
     Actually, I am thinking of sitting for my MT(ASCP) certification
and change from Histotech to Med.Tech.( thank God I have the

          From another frustrated Histotech.
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