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From:"Anne Van Binsbergen"

Ran a neuropath lab for many years and did muscle bx's galore
I used to cut my sections and store them at -20. 
the next day, id fix in methanol (I think for 5 mins), rinse in h2o,
stain in harris' hx, another rinse, into the trichrome stain for 10-15
mins, quick rinse, few dips in weak acetic acid, DC+M
Method from Carleton. Used it for many years with great success.
FYI - this trichrome stain works well on FFPE - colours are a little
different but it's a 'no hassle' stain.
Works for me!!
Hope this helps

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Thank you to those of you that responded. Especially those who
understood that when doing modified Gomori's for a neuropathologist,
muscle should stain green. I realize that in FFPE, muscle stains red,
however our muscle has been staining correctly (green) until this week.
I think that over the past several years, the neuropathologist might
have noticed if we were staining the muscle the completely wrong color.
(sorry, a little sarcastic) 

I am also not fixing the sections at all. We go right into hematoxylin.
A private reply I received suggested that putting fresh slides in the
freezer may be acting as "fixation" (lyophilization) thus, the fresh
cuts aren't getting fixed. To those of you doing neuro muscle staining
(remember, we're searching for normal to be GREEN) do you use fixation
before staining?

I would like to remind some of you that histonet is a tool for us to
help each other out. It really is not for use as a weapon. I honestly
needed advice, but I as usual, hesitated because I was afraid of the
"less than kind" responses that seem to come with many of my posts. 

Thanks again to those who were kind enough to help me out. There is such
a wealth of knowledge out there in histoland. Hopefully somebody will
have the answer. 

Bracing for the next round, 



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