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We are a small contract lab that services Universities, Pharmaceutical
and Biotech companies.  When I hire individuals for a histology position
I first of all require a BS or HT or HTL certification. I have OTJ
trained multiple individuals through the years who have become HTL
certified.  My last tech was hired with a BS.  By the time she left my
business she was both HTL certified and passed her QIHC.   I feel that I
pay a competitive wage, with full benefits (medical, dental and
retirement).  Its my personal opinion that my business will only be a
good as the individuals that I hire, so I want to hire the best, which
means I need to pay a competitive salary with benefits, etc.  I just
hired a new histotech, he's HT certified and did use the ASCP salary
survey to judge an appropriate wage.  I ended up with a starting salary
that was in the mid to high range on the scale.  I'm not speaking for
all small contract labs, just for myself.  Overall starting your own
histology business is both challenging and rewarding.  Lots of hours and
sometimes lots of stress, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I love my job.


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im semi-new to the whole histo-world, and i just have a quick
are there any completely independent histology labs? not independent 
pathology labs with a histology lab branch or a few techs working
but a truly independent "tech" lab, whether small mom&pop or a larger
of labs. i hear a lot about histotechs being underpaid and
by pathologists, and it seems to me that someone would have branched
from the pathologist and created an independent tech lab that could
service a few larger patho labs and hospitals, and take advantage of 
economies of scale by doing so. any input?
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