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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

We have a couple of Coolpics' that I assume are capable of whole slide imaging. But we are in the UK are in the NHS so I don't think we can charge or do it FOC. If you let me now what you are looking at then I'll try our Coolpics out to see if they can do it; you then have some info if you want to buy one. They are about 35,000 I think so I guess that's $35,000 as we in the UK tend to have to pay 1 for $1 and I don't know why; History Channel told me it was about 'lend lease' and some unfair bargaining after the 2nd World War by the Americans; is that true?

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Hello All,


I'm interested in whole slide imaging for some research work.  I was hoping
that anyone who has worked with it could give me their opinion on the
equipment they use, the important features (by the way I'm looking to count
nuclei), or suggest a good place to get this done for a decent price.  If
this message is against the rules of histonet, I apologize, but if not I
appreciate your help.


Ben Renquist

UC Davis

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