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One thing I was told is that ASCP only surveys technicians that are
ACTIVE members of ASCP and not all registered Histotechs. If you don't
pay the annual dues you don't get surveyed.  This could explain the
false numbers by eliminating a large portion of the histology work
force.  Here, only one out of my seven histotechs is an active member. 


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I have found the same.  I'm not sure if histotechs are not reporting
real salaries to the ASCP or what, but I have found that the payscales
listed in the survey are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what employers in
Wisconsin are really paying for newly hired histotechs.  The survey has
actually become a tool for employers to use to justify paying histotechs
less so I would strongly suggest that any techs answering this survey
their real wages.

Glen Dawson

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The ASCP does do a salary and vacancy survey, however, actual salaries
not reflected in those reports. For your area, Ohio in the East North
Central area, the 2003 ASCP survey reported the salaries of HT from
to $18.82. Recently I was gathering this same information to take to my
managers for a possible adjustment in our ranges, I received reports
HT's working in your area making from $3.19 to $5.13 more per hour than
ASCP report indicated. I also used the internet link for Bank Rate.Com
of Living Comparison Calculator to calculate the salaries reported by
workers compared to the salaries reported by the ASCP. This showed that
actual salaries employers were willing to pay were higher than
made for the cost of living in certain cities.  I asked the NSH to help
a salary survey and was dissapointed to have them tell me that they use
ASCP reports. The recent reply to the Letters to the Editor in the
15th issue of Advance magazine was from the president of the NSH.  His
reponse was, again, disappointing on several counts. 
What do the rest of the HistoNetters think? 

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