RE: [Histonet] Problems with Gomori's Trichrome on Frozen Muscle

From:"Kristen Broomall"


It is supposed to be greenish.

Modified Gomori's Trichrome method for muscle biopsies:

Nuclei - red/purple
Normal Muscle myofibrils - green with distinct A & I bands
Intermyofibrillar muscle - red
Interstitial collagen - green


We just got a weird red artifact (big splotch of red in the middle of the
section) the other week on a biopsy, but it had been cut on another cryostat
other than ours. We thought it may have been due to a dull blade or
something like that. We recut it on our cryo & it stained fine. 

I hope you get it worked out & I'm interested to know what's going on! Good

Kristen Broomall, HT (ASCP)

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Results for Gomori's Trichrome Stain:
Cell cytoplasm, MUSCLE - Red
Collagen - Green
Nuclei - Blue to Black

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