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From:"Monfils, Paul"

Some years ago, when we were first setting up for PMMA, we experimented with
various kinds of plastic wraps and other polymer films.  We quickly
discovered that plastic wraps are not all the same. Several of them adhered
to the PMMA after oven drying, just as you described.  We finally settled on
a product called Handi-Wrap, manufactured by Dow Chemical Co., and available
at the supermarket.  I have been using it ever since, and have never again
encountered this problem, whether I use + slides, gelatin-coated slides,
chrome-gelatin, PVA, or other adhesives.

Personally though, I don't think that + slides alone, without additional
adhesive, provide sufficient adhesion of the tissue to the slide in PMMA
work (at least not for bone). I usually use Sta-On by Surgipath, which is a
chrome-gelatin product, in an 80 degree waterbath.  Otherwise my method is
essentially the same as yours.  Except I like pink rubber erasers between
the slides and the clamp, rather than tongue depressors.

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> We're having some problems with our PMMA sections adhering to the
> plastic instead of the glass slide.  After sectioning, we place the
> sections on a plus slide (+ charged) flooded with 50% alcohol.  We
> stretch the section, place a strip of plastic wrap over it, and roll it
> flat.  We will then stack 10 or so slides like this together with tongue
> depressors at the top and bottom, and clamp them together.  We will
> leave them in a 60 degree oven overnight (at least).  After we remove
> them from the oven, we are unable to peel the plastic off the slides
> without the sections coming off as well.
> The last time this happened, I proceeded with deplasticizing using
> xylene and MEA (recommended by the Technovit instructions) and kept the
> plastic wrap on the slides.  I was able to remove it by eventually
> placing the slides in acetone.  Is there an easier way?
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> Teri Johnson
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