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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

AFOS (or something similar), formalin extraction for grossing. Includes
a downdraught table and formalin making up facilities. AFOS formalin
extraction cabinets for stored samples in formalin.

Be careful over height of benches; some are for sitting down carrying
out work, others for cutting sections using a microtome. Nothing worse
than a microtome that's too high or too low. You need solvent extraction
hoods for your processing machines, a suitable flammable store with
antiflash lighting etc., The best lighting to get it that stuff they
sell that goes in Offices; it's expensive but gives you a good colour
temperature with few shadows.

If you can see, stop people asphyxiating on formalin and alcohol, stop
the place blowing up and have benches the right height that people can
work, nowt else much to do. Oh yes, coffee machine, clean area and a
Mars Bar vending machine. Ergo, all done!

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Subject: [Histonet] New Lab Design

A new histology lab (in a new building) is in the works (yipee!!).  I
have some definite ideas about what I'll need in my new digs, but I need
more opinions!  Within the next couple weeks, I will be asked by the
architects for my input.

This is a State veterinary lab where I do "surgicals", necropsies,
standard special stains, with a rapidly expanding IHC workload. My total
workload was roughly 10,000 blocks last year and I expect it to grow by
5% each year. I expect to have roughly 500 sq ft to work with in this
new space. I work alone for three DVM pathologists.

What would you consider absolutely essential in a new histology lab?
What would you do differently if you'd had a chance? What kind of: bench
space and type of surface, ventilation, lighting, hoods, haz mat
storage, supply storage, windows? I only get once chance at this and I
want to make it count...I have 8 more years until retirement and I'd
rather not kick myself for missing something obvious.  

Please reply directly to me.  Thank you in advance!!  I rely on 'netters
for great information.

Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)
New Mexico Department of Agriculture
Veterinary Diagnostic Services
POBox 4700
Albuquerque, NM  87196
(505)841-2518 FAX

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