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I understand the levels concept however we always set a specific number of sections between levels as 5 or 10 depending on the block size and thickness requested.  That way we knew how deep we were in the block and of course exhaust the block is obvious.   Is that not done anymore?

Pam Marcum
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> We used to have some confusion over these requests so I defined each and 
> added it to the bottom of the request sheet. That way paths and techs would 
> know exactly what they were requesting and what they were to cut. I defined 
> them as follows: 
> Recut: 1 additional slide, superficial cut 
> Levels: multiple slides, step sections deeper into the block 
> Serial sections: multple slides, every section on a slide 
> Exhaust: multiple slides, multiple levels completely through tissue 
> We generally cut 3 to 4 levels when requested. When we exhaust a block, the 
> path generally wants only 6 levels. We throw out the rest. We rarely get a 
> request for serial sections but we have a path that would order "Serial 
> sections to exhaust". After a couple of times of receiving 50 or 60 slides, 
> he quit that. 
> For alot of our blocks, we cut levels at the time of the original H&E. 
> Tom McNemar, HT(ASCP) 
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> Hello all, 
> Can anyone reference a description for 'levels' vs 'recuts'. We use 
> the terms to mean specific procedures in cutting. Thus, RECUTS are 
> sections directly off the top of a previously cut block. Levels are 
> 'recuts' but at different distances between sections. Generally, when 
> we cut levels we toss the unwanted sections out. In some cases the 
> unstained are kept. Does anyone in histology consider these to be 
> 'routine' terms and is this defined in any textbook? 
> I appreciate your input on this rather basic question. 
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