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From:"Marshall Terry Dr, Consultant Histopathologist"

Another subject talked about several times before.

I agree it is sensible to call another section (usually 'cos there is something technically wrong with the first), a recut.
I usually scribble on the form, something like, "bloody rubbish" or "?Q.C.", or something similarly inflammatory:-)

Levels are just a few extra sections at an arbitrary interval.

Serial sections are self explanatory, and semi-serial is a combination of serial and levels - cut in a bit then do a burst of serials, then repeat.
Sometimes I ask for levels through the block.
What is asked for depends and what you are looking for and how you expect to find it.
Invariably, for anything other than levels, I talk about the problem to the tech., so that they can cut with an eye to the problem.

Dr Terry L Marshall, B.A.(Law), M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.Path
 Consultant Pathologist
 Rotherham General Hospital
 South Yorkshire

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In my training "levels" were " step sections" going a given number of turns of the wheel between each section. A recut was another slide made trimming as little as possible.
I have heard people refer to recuts as I described "levels". I think this leads to confusion. I 
do not know what the official definitions are but if there is a vote, I like it the way I described. 
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