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To my way of thinking, "levels" is actually a subset of "recuts", or a
specific kind of recuts.  "Recuts" means any additional sections taken from
a block subsequent to the original sectioning of that block. "Levels" (also
sometimes referred to as "step sections") refers to a particular kind of
recuts, just as you defined the term.  Recuts might include just a given
number of sections off the top, or step sections, or every second section,
or deeper sections, or serial sections, or mirror image sections, or
whatever. But in the everyday jargon of the histology lab, "recuts" and
"levels" are usually used just as you described.

If you never heard of mirror image sections, don't fret, I didn't either
until three weeks ago. One doctor requested that two successive sections be
taken, but the first one be placed on the water bath upside down, so the two
sections looked like mirror images of each other. What he wanted was
sections of the exact same cells at the staining surface of both sections.
What will they think of next?

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> Hello all,
>    Can anyone reference a description for 'levels' vs 'recuts'.  We use
> the terms to mean specific procedures in cutting.  Thus, RECUTS are
> sections directly off the top of a previously cut block.  Levels are
> 'recuts'  but at different distances between sections.  Generally, when
> we cut levels we toss the unwanted sections out.  In some cases the
> unstained are kept. Does anyone in histology consider these to be
> 'routine' terms and is this defined in any textbook?   
>     I appreciate your input on this rather basic question.   
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