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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

>>> "Norman, Barbara"  09/01/05 01:15PM >>>
Sounds great, NSH is working on that as we speak, I'm sure more details will follow in the next few days.
 Bless the American Spirit! >>>

Allow me to clarify Barbara's comment and also put my two cents in.

The NSH will have a computer available at the Symposium in Fort Lauderdale that will be dedicated for individuals wishing to make a donation to the Red Cross for Hurricane relief. 

Please keep in mind that you can do this now by going to
I have already done so. This would be more expedient than waiting for the opportunity to do so at the conference

if you do not wish to donate to the Red Cross, you can go to

to find a list of charities that are accepting cash donations.

The NSH will NOT be accepting cash donations to be forwarded on for you , simply because you are entitled to a receipt from the charitable organization for your donation that is tax deductible. If you make a donation to NSH  you will not receive the tax benefit.

We (NSH) are happy to assist with information such as that contained in this message. If you are inclined to make a donation, it would probably be of greater benefit to do so sooner rather than later. for this reason and the others stated above. we have no plan to organize fund raising at the conference. I think we can have a quicker impact by acting now individually and not waiting.

I don't wish to discourage the sentiments that have been expressed on histonet for those affected by the Hurricane but please keep in mind that your remarks are not likely to be seen anytime soon by those most affected. Power is expected to be out for several weeks.

I know that you share my concern for our colleagues in the affected regions. Unfortunately as you know, communication is seriously hampered so it is difficult to learn if our friends and colleagues are safe. I hope that those who may have evacuated and have computer access will check in and let us know that they are safe.

We have heard from Dot Kuebler, NSH Region VI Director, and Natasha Haynes, Managing Editor for the Journal of Histotechnology. I'm happy to report that they are both well and uninjured.

I'll be happy to pass along news of other colleagues as it comes in. 

Vinnie Della Speranza
President, National Society for Histotechnology

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