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From:"Rogerson Kemlo (ELHT) Pathology"

Good question. .

In my youth I 'played' with different clearing agents and solvents. If
you were clever and the processing machine had the scope, then you could
have 'safe havens' of clearing agents that don't overharden. You could
also have a final empty station that allowed the wax to harden. Good
answer? Well I tried; it just sounded a good idea yesterday, now not so

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To play the devil's advocate:  then what good is altering the processing
schedule from home via internet ?  Theoretically, changing the protocol
run 3 extra hours, regardless of what step(s) are lengthened,
the processing schedule.  

Of course, in reality, there will be times that the schedule is altered.
for how badly does it hurt the tissue to set for 3 additional hours in
paraffin, I think that depends on the tissue.  If they are large, fatty,
mastectomy specimens, they will perhaps even benfit.  If they are little
bx's, then that's another ball of wax.  

If it is a biopsy run, then I do vote for getting someone to just remove
tissue and set it on the counter.  Yes, it will delay it a little while
melts, but if you call in sick, they'll be running behind anyway, so
a few more minutes.  One quicker way to melt them (I think) is to
the cassettes in molten paraffin for a few minutes, and then put them in
embedding center (as opposed to just putting them in the embedding
center to

Bonnie Whitaker

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Personally, no, but the problem sits with your Operational Procedures.
they and ICC require standardisation and having differing wax
time's flies in the face of good laboratory practice. Hardening then
re-melting is an answer but that will delay blocking out until the wax
melted again. Maybe the answer is to never be sick or have a backup
processing cycle that finishes 3 hours later; I concede that will not
accommodate your first day of sickness but then there would not be
there to take the biopsies out of wax to harden anyway; would there?

You need a processing machine connected to the internet or dial up that
can be altered remotely; Biochemistry has them!   

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Subject: [Histonet] Help with Processing run

I started a new job in a lab that has always only had a day shift.  My
hours here are 3 am -11am replacing a person who worked 530am-2pm.  This

change was not well received by my fellow coworkers/supervisor.  My

is if the processing run ends at 3am and if I were to be out sick would
think it would be ok to leave bx/lg tissue sitting in the parrafin at
degrees for 2 1/2 hours-to potentially 3 hours waiting for the next
to come in or would you think it would be better for the tissue to be 
removed by a fellow lab person and hardened on counter then remelted to 
embed upon someone else arriving?  Immunos are performed on this tissue 
also.  Your responses would be greatly appreciated.

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