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Hi Katia,
When I was pregnant, I was extremely sensitive to xylene.  It was like I had  a bionic nose or something.  I found that if I avoided tasks like changing processors and coverslipping for long periods of time, I was fine.  My supervisor was very good about putting me on rotations where I didn't have much xylene contact.  This seems like the easiest solution, eventually as you know, your tech won't be pregnant anymore and will most likely lose her bionic powers.  Just thought I'd let you know you aren't alone.

Have a good week,
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Does anybody has complains of preagnant technicians with headaches because of the smell of reagents such as xylol?
What are the precautions you have with preagnancy? Our mounting and staining are mannual procedures but we do have one exaustor for fumes that covers the staining battery. My worry is that we donīt use coverslippers, instead we use a kind of automotive coating (yeah... I know... bad bad bad...).
Does somebody has any idea to substitute it without using coverslippers?

Thanks again

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