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Now look here chaps and chapesses, this has gone on long enough. I don't
want to put a BLOCK on this, nor have I a SCORE to settle, and I don't want
to WAX lyrical about blades. However, a good name will give you an EDGE
over the competition, who, after all, are always trying to STEEL a march on
everyone else. A catchy name will make you a CUT above the rest, and in
sales terms BEVALuable. On the other hand, ours is only a small SECTION of
the market with customers often FLOATING between brands after SOAKING up
all the sales blurb. I think there is a need for TRIMMINGIN the blade
market, or so a promotional CASSETTE, wrapped in a nice RIBBON, informed
me. In fact there were several cassettes, a SERIAL promotion I suppose you
could say. I have lost one of them. Someone must have NICKED it. What
LEVELS some folk will stoop to. I think I've RAKEed up enough dust now and
if I HEIFFOR see any more messages on this subject I could get into a STROP
. I've had enough now. Time to go an HONE some of my other skills. Do you
think I've gone off my ROCKER, CAMBRIDGE of course. What if my COVERSLIPS?
Do you think someone will LABEL me a nutter? I'm getting tired now. In fact
I'm CHATTERED. Wish someone would close the VENETIAN BLIND. Think I need a
pint, my throats really DRY.




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i like this one!
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Subject: [Histonet] Please help us name our new product

Mercedes Medical is coming out with a new teflon coated microtome blade,
we need a name!  We have 3 names up for consideration:
1.  Advant-Edge
2.  Cutting Edge
3. Platinum Blade.

Let us know which you like, or come up with a new one and if we use it
send you a great gift.

Also, come see us at our island booth at NSH in Ft. Lauderdale booth #229.

Enter to win a 26" Flat screen TV, and pick up your free Henry the
Histo-Potamus T-shirt and new Histology Catalog. The NSH show will be held
at the Annual Symposium/Convention from September 10-14 in Ft Lauderdale.
You can register on line at

Visit us on line at and get 10% off your first
order.  Or call at 800.331.2716.

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