[Histonet] update about Alysa Anne Barbarisi

From:Debbie Keith

Dear Histonetters!

this is an update about Lisa Barbarisi's Daughter. she was diagnosed a few 
months ago with stage IV Neuroblastoma.

today she goes in for the 7th session of Chemo.  on the 30th of this month 
she turns 1 year old!  she has been fighting this horrible disease for half 
of her life, now.

We have put together a benefit in downtown Phoenix at Alice Cooper'stown.

Please take a moment to check out Alysa Anne's website...


here is the page specific to the benifit


we are looking for ideas for the benefit. we're looking for anyone that can 
print t-shirts (about 100) and flyers for free. we've got news coverage 
(radio and tv) and we're working on local publications.

if anyone has any ideas..  thoughts... donations... we would so happy!

thank you!

debbie keith

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