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From:adrienn kiss

I am new on the list and also in mouse heart
histology. I am wondering what is the best way to take
a heart for good histology. Until in situ, how long
the heart can be left without fixation before any
signs of necrosis would appear by histology? I mean in
a dead animal how long it can be left cyanotic before
major effects on morphology of the myofibers, cell
size, or immunohistochemistry to detect apoptosis,
etc. I would normally take the heart asap, however, it
is not possible always. Would perfusion with fixative
always be suggested? Is perfusion of the aorta with
fixative also suggested? Would retrograde perfusion
damage the enothelium?
Any help is appreciated,
Thanks a lot,
Adrienn Kis,
Postdoctoral research fellow
univeristy of Cambridge, England,

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