[Histonet] making up aldehyde fuchsin with a substitute aldehyde

From:Gayle Callis

One of the problems with making up aldehyde fuchsin is accessing 
paraldehyde, a controlled substance and requires a Drug Enforcement 
Administration number to purchase, payment of handling fee, and so on.  If 
you are in a clinical lab and have the number in available pharmacy,  no 

For those who do not have a DEA number, then one can substitute 
acetaldehyde, an uncontrolled substance, very cheap, and but still breaks 
down after a year or so.

Substitution is 2.5 mls acetaldehyde instear od 1.5 ml paraldehyde.

This was published by Peggy Wenk, J Histotechnology, Letters to the Editor 
19(4):353, 1996.

This has worked well for her lab, and you can always contact her for 
further discussion.

At 09:10 AM 8/17/2005, you wrote:
>The solution of aldehyde fuchsine has a rather
>short shelf-life (8 weeks) so it's best to make
>up your own. It is also possible to recover
>the aldehyde fuchsine as a precipitate that can
>be collected by filtering, dried and stored
>for 10 or more years. Solutions made from aldehyde
>fuchsine powder (0.125% in 70% ethanol with
>1% acetic acid) are more stable than the traditional
>directly made solution, being good for about 2 years.
>It is said that solutions of aldehyde fuchsine
>made from the powder will not stain pancreatic
>islet B cells without prior permanganate oxidation
>(see Mowry,RW 1978 Stain Technol. 53: 141-154. This
>paper also has useful tips for other uses of
>aldehyde fuchsine.
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>Robin Newlin wrote:
> >
> > Hi All
> > Does anyone know if aldehyde fuchsin is available commercially, or do I 
> have to brew my own.
> > Thanks
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