[Histonet] cutting mammary gland


It is very important to snap freeze the tissue to minimize the ice crystal growth which can damage the cells. We recommend the Gentle Jane method where you get good thermal exchange with the liquid nitrogen chilled heat extractor. Both low temperature and thermal exchange improve freezing. 

The CryoJane Tape-Transfer system makes it easy to cut a frozen section whether  it is fatty tissue or hard tissue. It can be cut as thin as 2-4 microns. 
The section is captured on a cold tape, flat and uncompressed, and then transferred to a cold slide. The section remains frozen  until it immersed in a fixative or freeze-substituted. The morphology is generally remarkable. Melting the frozen section when mounting on a room temperature slide degrades the quality.

Please go to www.instrumedics.com for more details. Click on the "gallery" to see photomicrographs of CryoJane prepared frozen sections.

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