[Histonet] cleaved notch antibody,and HIER


Sorry to post this late, however I was reading this and thought some  
information may help, yes I agree that Zymeds anti goat anti rabbit and  strepavidin 
are concentrates and dilution is important,however background is  also from 
too long an incubation time or too high a titer,etc. So not only do  you want to 
dilute the goat,rabbit but also the antibody and then running  retrievals of 
some sort clouds troubleshooting. Change one part of the protocol  at a time, 
prolonged fixation can cause background as well. I have used many  Zymed 
products and have also found that their concentrations are high and you  can diutle 
out pretty far as well as not have to incubate very long.
                                                Just some technical info
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