[Histonet] Tissues for HTL Practical exam needed


HI All,

        I live in New Hampshire, and work in Wilmington, MA,  and am 
looking to get a hold of human tissue for my HTL practical exam.   I work 
in a research facility so I only have access to rodent tissue.  Below is a 
list of the tissues I am looking to get a hold of as well as the final 
processed size each of them must be.

Tissue          Final processed size
 Uterus         1.5x1.5 square
Cervix          1.5cm length
Appendix        Complete XC
Ovary           1.0x1.0 square

Any thoughts on the easiest way to access these tissues???   Responses can 
be private...

Thank you in advance.

Tracy E. Bergeron, BS, HT (ASCP)
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, MA
978-658-6000 x 1229
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