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I have a position open at Plum Island Animal Disease Center on Plum
Island off of the East end of Long Island. It is research on foreign
animal diseases-mostly pathogenesis work. The techniques include
immunohistochemistry, virology, some paraffin, more cryosectioning. we
also do laser confocal, laser dissection and electron microscopy. It is
IA small unit supporting one veterinary pathologist and several
post-docs. It is mainly a one person histo lab with great a variety of
The area is very scenic and a resort destination, surrounded by water,
and the job includes two boat rides each day to and from Plum Island,
either to Long Island (10 minutes) or Connecticut (40 min.). Also
included is laboratory cloths and one shower a day going out of the BL-3
facility. Most work is on non-zoonotic viruses such as foot-and-mouth
disease and classical swine fever.  The position has a wide grade range
from GS 5-8 with  regional differential cost of living pay added. If
interested, please contact me directly. The position can be filled as a
fellowship appointment or as a permanent full time employee in ARS, USDA.

Douglas Gregg DVM, PhD
Veterinary pathologist

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