[Histonet] RE:deterioration of paraplast wax blocks

From:"Michael LaFriniere"

This is sad to say but you may want to check a pest control to check out your storage area, due to past experience with an off site storage area, I  have found that mice and rats will eat paraffin blocks with the tissue embedded....
Good luck investigating!
Michael R. LaFriniere
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Cytology Services of Maryland (CSM)
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>>> "Ian Clarke"  08/06/05 7:48 AM >>>

Hi All
Some of our stored blocks are detoriorating due to a ? fungus which is
eating them. We have asked the micro people to see if they could identify it
but they have been unable to make it grow.Has anyone had a similar problem
and if so how did you rectify it. Where you able to classify the organism.
ian clarke
Cellular Pathology Department
Craigavon Area Hospital

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