[Histonet] Please help us name our new product

From:"Dave Johnson"

Mercedes Medical is coming out with a new teflon coated microtome blade, but 
we need a name!  We have 3 names up for consideration:
1.  Advant-Edge
2.  Cutting Edge
3. Platinum Blade.

Let us know which you like, or come up with a new one and if we use it we’ll 
send you a great gift.

Also, come see us at our island booth at NSH in Ft. Lauderdale booth #229.

Enter to win a 26” Flat screen TV, and pick up your free Henry the 
Histo-Potamus T-shirt and new Histology Catalog. The NSH show will be held 
at the Annual Symposium/Convention from September 10-14 in Ft Lauderdale. 
You can register on line at www.NSH.org.

Visit us on line at www.MercedesMedical.com and get 10% off your first 
order.  Or call at 800.331.2716.

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