[Histonet] PLP fixation info RE: fixation of fresh frozen section

From:Gayle Callis


This was a previous message on Histonet concerning PLP fixation.   We have 
great success with this for mouse and hamster  perfusion fixation for a 
prion study then paraffin processing of tissues.  The recipe for PLP has 
been put on Histonet previously, going to Histonet archives should access 
fixative recipe.  I haven't had success with frozen section fixation, 
although some have done so, my impatience in taking time to work with it to 
do immunofluorescence work.

Bob Chiovette wrote:
The recipe for PLP (Periodate-Lysine-Paraformaldehyde) fixative and a 
sample protocol (at least for immuno) using perfusion fixation is on the 
Chemicon website at: 

There are a few instances of using PLP with paraffin embedding, so the 
processing should work OK.  Whether you can retrieve reactivity from 
paraffin sections seems to be related to the antigen.  For example, see the 
NIEHS website:

Good luck

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