[Histonet] Negative controls

From:Amy Johnson

Our laboratory has been going thru the new Anatomic Pathology Checklist for
CAP and we came across
 the Question "Are appropriate negative controls used?"  We use to run one
protocal for the negative 
mouse antibody and one protocol fro the negative rabbit antibody which was:

	no antigen retrieval
	no enzyme 
	antibody incubation was only 2 minutes
	no amplification, no A/B block
	counterstain and post counterstain
Now since we reviewed the CAP checklist we found out we were wrong, that we
need to run the negative
protocol the same as the primary antibody protocol.  We have tried this and
been having problems.  We are getting 
positive staining in our negative controls even though there is no primary
antibody being applied.  How is this happening?
How can this be solved?
Thanks in advance for the help,
Amy Johnson
Associates in Pathology
Wausau   WI

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