[Histonet] Mohs coverslippign air bubbles

From:"Stephen Peters M.D."

Hi Dave,
A histotech taught me this technique when I was a resident. Lay down a cover slip on a 
paper towel with the long axis parrallel  to your  arm. Put a drop of mounting medium on 
the coverslip. When my slide comes out of xylene, drip a drop of xylene on the drop of 
medium to dilute it a bit. Line the slide up on edge next to the cover slip and lever it down
 so the drop of medium just touches the slide and then lever it back up. Do not just drop
 the slide on the cover slip. The cover slip will adhere to the slide by cohesive forces and 
the medium will spread by capillary action leaving little or no bubbles. You can get very fast 
at this, lay out a bunch of coverslips and cover a number of slides very quickly. 

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